Robo Raiders FTC 16132: About Us

About Robo Raiders: Team 16132

Team 16132, Robo Raiders, joined the FIRST Tech Challenge during the 2019-2020 season. The members of Team 16132 are Almont Middle School students interested in STEM fields and the betterment of their futures. As we are a new team, we will learn as we go about this season what it means to be part of FIRST, how to develop and build a working robot, and spreading the ideals of gracious professionalism. We focus on showing gracious professionalism and ensuring safety both at competitions as well as build sessions. We look forward to the future to see how we can improve our performance both on the playing field and in our community.

Our Coaches

Team 16132 is coached by David Staley and Eric Smith. David Staley has worked at Ford for 22 years as a millwright/team leader and has been a paramedic/firefighter for 20 years, currently working with the Almont Fire Department. Eric Smith . Both coaches are dedicated to making the Robo Raider team a success.

Student Mentors and Parent Volunteers

Team 16132 mentors and parent volunteers are extremely valuable in achieving success! Each of these talented high school students and parents give countless hours during their busy day-to-day schedules to provide the students with priceless support and guidance through skill training, supervision, instruction, and even nutrition to keep them going strong. Mentors and parent volunteers for Team 16132, Robo Raiders, include engineers, machinists, welders, programmers, farm managers, and professional stay-at-home mothers. We are unyieldingly grateful for their support and dedication in giving our team members invaluable skills for their future endeavors!

Team Members

Despite being a new team, we have sparked massive intrigue within Almont and surrounding communities as to what we, robotics, and FIRST has to offer the young students we are geared towards. With a team of eight middle school students that is growing by the week, the students are learning how to brainstorm ideas and designs, put together robots using mechanical skills they are learning, and work together as a team to accomplish common goals.

Team Bios

Coach Bios

Mr. Staley

David Staley, Head Coach of Almont's FRC team for several years and now also Head Coach of Almont's FTC team, (unfinished bio)

Mr. Smith

Eric Smith, (unfinished bio)

Member Bios

Mentor Bios

Megan Staley

Megan Staley, an Almont High School senior, age (need this info), works on the team as a student mentor who (unfinished bio)

Devin Jones

Devin Jones, an Almont High School sophomore, age 15, works on the team as a student mentor to help the team in any way he can. Aside from being a student mentor, he is also the team website programmer. He has 3 years of FTC experience and 1 year of FRC experience, so with Team 16132 being so new, he's brought a lot of invaluable knowledge and guidance for the team.

Parent Bios