The Robo Raiders' Blog

Robo Raiders Raises Funds (Oct. 22, 2019)

As the season progressed and our first competition grew ever-closer, Robo Raiders were in need of some funds to keep them going. On October 6th, we arrived at Camp Skyline to sell desserts and sweets that our team members made at their public fundraising event. Over the course of the day, we made $116 from everything sold as well as from all the excellent donations made by buyers and passersby! On top of selling desserts, we demonstrated the robot to everyone who came to the fundraiser, which was a great opportunity for us to spread awareness of our new team.

On October 13th, the Almont Fire Department invited us to their Pancake Breakfast to show off our robot and our team. We attracted the attention of a small number of people, but nonetheless we had a fair community outreach. Towards the end of the event, we met up with Coach Savage from FRC Team 3539 The Fighting Bulldogs, who came to talk with us about our robot and our FRC Team 4961's robot. Both FRC teams competed the day before at the Girls-Only Comp at Bloomfield Hills, both teams getting well into the semifinals. Tangent aside, Robo Raiders raised $26 dollars this day.

Robo Raiders thanks Skyline Camp and the Almont Fire Department for allowing us to come to their events and set up. We appreciate all who donated to us, as well. Over this time and several smaller fundraisers, we were donated an estimated $243. Thank you everyone!

Written by Devin Jones, 10-22-19